Epic Impact

Epic Impact

Epic Impact rewards sustainable shopping by connecting customers with a list of ethical brands and offering customers the opportunity to claim rewards in exchange for shopping at these brands.

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London, United Kingdom

Management Team

Grant Calton avatar

Grant Calton

Co-founder & Chairman

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James Brown

Co-founder & CEO

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About Epic Impact

The problem we're solving

The majority of consumers have no comprehension of the impact their purchases are having on the world around them.

Our solution

By combining Open Banking, ESG reporting frameworks, the UN SDGs, and an ecosystem of purpose-led businesses, the Epic Impact platform does three things:

  • helps consumers discover ethical and sustainable businesses that share their values through personalised recommendations.
  • appends product level sustainability data to bank account transactions.
  • rewards and motivates consumers for changing their behaviour and consumption habits to ones that have a positive impact on humanity, nature and the environment.

Our differentiator

The fact that we have an integration that allows for a no-code connection to over 550 e-commerce and ePOS solutions to analyse product level transaction data for their impact on the planet, thus providing highly personalised analysis of an individual's contribution to all of the UN SDGs.

Biggest Achievement

Signing up Ecotricity, the UK's leading renewable energy company as one of our merchants.