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Certified By

We automate risk, audit and certification... and if that's the most boring thing you've heard all day, you're not alone. RegTech isn't sexy, but it's very important.

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

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Adam Wood

Founder & CEO

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Leane Maddren

Founder & COO

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Neil Wood

Founder & Chairman

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About Certified By

The problem we're solving

Digital transformation and regulatory compliance isn't just a problem for big business. SMEs and nonprofits are equally impacted and responsible for their actions. The frustrating thing is that standards exist, but rarely seen by those who matter most.

Our solution

A two sided solution that brings standards to life, to build trust in brand.

For organisations we provide quality assurance, benchmarking, decision making and policy setting, but for the first time... SMEs and nonprofits can easily & affordably self assess, report, remediate and certify themselves to best practice standards.

Our differentiator

Though a powerful tool for most industries, we're committed to helping our vulnerable communities. Specifically child safety, aged care and disability.

So if you're sick of spreadsheets, we have a much better way to measure and manage risk, create safer environments, provide continuous improvement, regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Biggest Achievement

Recently closed a POV with a major accounting association, with a view to automating industry standards and benchmarking member compliance.