PVSTOP makes solar energy safe. The solution is a non-flammable, fire retardant, polymer film technology that acts as a “liquid blanket” that non-destructively shuts down photovoltaic panels in seconds.

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Sydney, Australia

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Jim Foran

Investor Director

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Luke Williams

Inventor & Technical Manager

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Stephen Harrison


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    Steve Janzen

    Regional Manager – North America

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      Ryan Cleggett

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        About PVStop

        The problem we're solving

        Solar PV Systems cannot be switched off when exposed to light

        They continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC electricity

        This poses a significant risk to fire fighters & electrical technicians

        There has been a 500% increase in incidents involving solar panels in the last 3 years

        This electrical risk forces first responders to adopt defensive strategies which equates to increased property damage

        The exponential growth of solar installations and the value of infrastructure, commercial and residential real estate under threat from solar panel fires is now a multi-billion dollar problem

        Our solution

        PVSTOP is a non-flammable fire retardant, polymer film technology. It acts as a “liquid blanket” that non-destructively shuts down photovoltaic panels in seconds.

        PVSTOP addresses 3 types of unmitigated risk;

        • Life threat (firefighters & electrical contractors)
        • Property threat (properties/infrastructure featuring solar PV installations)
        • Legal Threat (WH&S obligations associated with electrical risks)

        PVSTOP product attributes;

        • Safe to use: PVSTOP is acknowledged by leading fire-fighting agencies as their preferred solution for solar panel fires
        • Fast Acting & Effective: PVSTOP’s Polymer film technology isolates power from solar PV at source within seconds in an emergency response or maintenance situation
        • Product accreditation: PVSTOP is the only ISO accredited “physical barrier” solar safety solution available globally
        • Does not damage the PV system: Once a threat has been eliminated, PVSTOP can simply be peeled off without causing any damage to the system for up to 12 months after application
        • Environmentally Friendly: Tested by multiple authorities around the world including BRE Global, ETV, TUV, EPA, Envirolabs, PUB-Singapore’s National Water Agency
        • Multiple delivery systems: Adaptable to multi-client needs through various delivery systems: range of portable pressure vessels, recently developed drone system, with dry pipe fixed system to come

        Our differentiator

        PVStop is the only solution that is:

        • Able to isolate power at source
        • Ranked best in class by First Responders
        • Easy to implement for existing PV systems
        • Reliable during emergency response
        • Environmentally friendly at a moderate cost

        Biggest achievement

        • IP protected in 21 of the world’s largest solar territories via patents over solution delivery method
        • Independently tested and verified by leading agencies in multiple countries
        • ISO certified (ISO 14034:2016); globally accredited solution
        • PVStop is being incorporated into fire safety programs in multiple countries
        • Winner of the Fire Protection Association - Innovative Product & Technology Award