The first AI-assistant that allows for price-comparison, management and payment of all recurring services within the one mobile app.

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Melbourne, Australia

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George Wang  avatar

George Wang

Founder & CEO

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Harry Sun


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About AYLA

The problem we're solving

Providers Problem:

  • Recurring service providers like telecom, energy, insurance and financial institutions are facing huge problems.
  • Their customer acquisition and call centre costs are through the roof, but in-efficient and not adding value to customers.

Consumer Problem:

  • On the other hand, consumers are losing control and visibility to deal with so many providers, which led to time and money lost.
  • By estimation, 25 billion dollars are wasted on avoidable fees every year.
    That's about $2000 per household.

Our solution

Now here is AYLA.

One place to auto manage all recurring services.

Users only need to link their email and bank accounts to AYLA, and she will do the rest, include price comparisons, provider switch, digital customer service, payment reminders, and optional bill pay later. Users can then use bill savings and spare change to invest.

Higher-user rated providers will be rewarded with more customers, and happy users will also introduce AYLA to their friends and families.

Our differentiator

  • Manage, compare, pay recurring services all in one mobile app
  • AI powered infrastructure for customer account management
  • Highly personalised price comparison
  • Low cost of acquisition as an essential and free tool to users
  • High life time value of users across many services

Biggest achievement

  • Currently, we have 2 patents lodged:
    One is relating to our self-learning AI for documents understanding.
    The 2nd patent is for a universal digital sales system for providers.
  • Already have 2000+ users without any marketing spend.
  • Successful pre-seed and crowd funding with over 600k raised.