Manufacturing phone cases from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic

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Melbourne , Australia

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Luke Mcshanag-Munn

Founder CEO

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About Zawn

The problem we are solving:

  • Ocean plastic pollution
  • Marine biodiversity loss
  • Global warming
  • Unemployment crisis in coastal Indonesia
  • Wasteful manufacturing systems

Our solution:

Zawn is ethically salvaging and upcycling harmful waste into sustainable products.

Our pilot product is a 100% ocean-bound recycled plastic phone case.

More than 80% of the world has a phone--Zawn's solution is to put ocean conservation, quite literally, in the hands of the individual.

Our differentiator:

  • Made entirely from recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Higher quality than current sustainable alternatives
  • Our 'take back' business model closes the loop on plastic waste and creates a second-hand market where cases can be resold on our website
  • Ocean ecosystem restoration partnership aiming to improve carbon capture and cultivate marine habitats
  • Through our certified supplier partnership, we create jobs for struggling Indonesian fishing communities

Biggest achievement:

  • Partnerships with Honest Ocean Materials and SeaTrees Project
  • Website nearing completion


Our vision is to expand from phone cases to reusable cups for festivals, beach buckets and spades, dog bowls, beach attire, and possibly a Ripcurl partnership for plastic bathers and bins on beaches through the local council.

We hope to complete ocean restoration projects around Australia and run ecotourism initiatives.

We envision a Zawn app or website where consumers can shop Zawn products, swap and sell second-hand Zawn and other ocean/beach-related products, and follow a positive ocean-related newsfeed.