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Perth, Western Australia

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About SUMA Australia

The problem we are solving:

An estimated 2 million trees are cut down each year just to print business cards--that's enough trees to supply oxygen to over 5,000 people annually! Approximately 70% of these business cards are tossed away, increasing waste in landfill and oceans.

Our solution:

We aim to resolve the paper business card problem with our "Save It Card" solution, a fully digital and customisable business card that can be rewritten and updated an unlimited number of times.

Our differentiator:

  • Save It Cards are powered by rewritable NFC and dynamic QR technologies that allow consumers to change their details without needing to switch to a different card
  • We don't just save trees through this venture, a tree is planted in the Yarra Yarra region of Western Australia for each purchase
  • We have a passionate team with a diversified portfolio in sustainability and an extensive network of businesses that support us

Biggest achievement:

  • We launched 1st of June 2022 and became profitable a month and half later.
  • We are exploring 3 large early-stage orders: One is currently at Proof of Value and the other two are at Proof of Concept
  • We have worked with 30+ brands including government, multinational and national brands