Providing urban residents with intelligent products for indoor gardening

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About Planté

The problem we are solving:

Urban residents face numerous gardening challenges:

  • Inadequate housing space
  • No time for set-up and care
  • Lack of plant care knowledge

Our solution:

Planté provides urban residents a home gardening solution with a biodegradable planting kit and intelligent guiding platform accessible from a mobile app.

Planté directly connects humans to food--consumers can grow their own vegetables without all the work and time of traditional gardening. With Planté there’s no need to have a green thumb.

Our differentiator:

Unlike other gardening guidance apps, Planté offers starters complete direction with A to Z guidance. Planté ensures higher success rates by providing plant options that match their environment. With Planté, consumers can enjoy freshness at home through interactive gardening techniques and tools.

Biggest achievement:

  • Supported by LaunchVic and VicHealth with grants to build a solution to increase young people's access to healthy food