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About Mantaray

The problem we are solving:

In order to meet net zero commitments, companies need to almost half their supply chain emissions by 2030. In order to do so, they must study the existing supply chain and research climate-friendly alternatives. This process is quite time-consuming and resource-intensive. Since most companies only have 1-2 person sustainability teams (at best), this can often be seen as "too difficult" or "not feasible" for the company to accomplish.

Our Solution:

The Mantaray platform will save in-house sustainability teams a lot of manual work by providing a comprehensive database of verified climate-friendly suppliers. This will allow sustainability teams to evaluate suppliers and various supplier products early in the procurement process so that they can have a meaningful input when suppliers are selected.

Companies can also subscribe to our premium service, which will allow automated emissions reporting from suppliers through an API, which companies can track through a user-friendly dashboard.

Our Differentiator:

Measure --> Reduce --> Contribute --> Communicate

This is the process for companies to decarbonise. These are a number of companies that can help companies measure their footprint (e.g. environmental consultants and carbon accounting software), and a number of options to help companies “contribute” (i.e. purchase offsets). However, there is a gap in the market when it comes to helping companies actually reduce their emissions.

Suppliers and supplier relationship are not purely based on data and cannot be entirely automated through software. Mantaray doesn’t seek to entirely replace the human element when it comes to selecting suppliers, but rather provides companies with effective data and tools that can be used to inform their selection of suppliers.

Biggest achievement:

  • 30+ in-depth conversations with companies, environmental consultants and climate-friendly suppliers
  • Demo can be viewed by appointment (
  • 1 potential proof of concept partner
  • 1 potential product development partner
  • 1 warm introduction to a licensor of sustainability scores
  • Next steps:
    By Dec 2022: Complete Proof of Concept and sign up pilot customers
    2023: Raise seed funding and launch pilot