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About Environmint

The problem we are solving:

  • People are willing to engage in green shopping to make positive impacts on Earth but there is currently limited information available. Consumers are lacking a convenient method to make informed shopping decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • People’s green shopping behaviors are not acknowledged or rewarded.

Our solution:

Environmint is a web browser extension that empowers consumers to make informed green purchase decisions. Environmint provides users with real-time educational information, product comparison, rewards, and a playful shopping experience.

Our differentiator:

  • Gamification of online shopping experience
  • Creates space to be a part of a like-minded green shopping community
  • Real-time and customized educational information based on users’ shopping behaviors
  • Rewards for green shopping

Biggest achievements:

  • Entered the grand finale of the 2021 Global Open Finance Competition.
  • Established connections and commenced funding conversations with prospective local and overseas investors
  • Invested in an on-ground presence in China to continue to explore funding and market opportunities