Solving waste in hospitality: Closed loop food waste and packaging solution

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Melbourne, Australia

Management Team

Nicole Guzmán Parada avatar

Nicole Guzmán Parada

CEO, Head of Research

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Axel Munoz

Industrial designer

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    Paulina Elizalde

    Environment specialist

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      Gonzalo Sepulveda

      Biologist, Engineering

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        About BOB

        The problem we are solving:

        Food waste is responsible for approximately 10% of global GHG emissions. Australia disposes of 250,000 tonnes of food waste annually. Without any organic waste separation system, our organic waste goes to landfill. Australia requires a smart waste collection system and the creation of new raw materials that could be reused in the productive chain.

        Our Solution:

        BOB is a smart food waste collection system that aims to transform organic waste into a new raw material that can be reused in the hospitality productive chain.
        Through a subscription model, hospitality venues in the CBD will receive sustainable packaging in exchange for their organic food waste.

        Our differentiator:

        The BOB system will:

        • Lower current waste disposal costs
        • Lower the sectors environmental footprint
        • Transition the industry to a consistent circular economy model
        • Reduce landfill space pressure
        • Generate alternative and sustainable packaging options

        Biggest acheivement:

        • Development of a new material (prototype stage) from organic waste
        • Testing of packaging designs
        • Development of a strategic business model
        • Building a team with strong capabilities