Australia's first data-driven solution to monitor and manage urban forests.

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About TreeBlue

The problem we are solving:

Urban trees are dying at an increasing rate

Government and private sector are increasingly understanding the benefits of greening our urban spaces and are committed to significantly regreening the urban tree canopy

However, urban trees are dying at an increasing rate due to disease, pollution, soil erosion and soil compaction, on top of unpredictable weather conditions due to climate change
Consequently, ⅓ of newly planted trees are dying within five years and 15% of existing trees are under high stress.

This problem is just getting worse as we plant more trees

Our solution:

TreeBlue delivers a unique holistic solution to monitor, value and save trees
Using Internet of Things (IoT) as a primary source of live data, our TreeBlue platform is complemented with satellite and LiDAR imagery, as well as weather forecasts data.

The Treeblue platform can monitor trees and provide predictive maintenance and prescriptive watering & maintenance to ensure healthier trees.

With our platform, users can access additional benefits including allowing Open API integration, organise job orders, tree and carbon sequestration opportunities and local community interaction.

Our differentiator:

  • Combining IoT technology with existing satellite/LiDAR technology
  • Enhancing existing "above canopy measurement" with below ground data analysis
  • Low-cost, highly scalable solution
  • Plugs into existing Sigfox network and available data feeds"

Biggest achievement:

  • Completed a successful POC (2021) and strong interest from both public and private enterprise
  • Looking to build out full platform technology and establish as a leader in this space over the coming years
  • Enhancing carbon capture measurement technologies