Decentralising Australia's renewable energy production.

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Melbourne, Australia

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About OpenGrid

The problem we are solving:

  • The market failure in the domestic solar electricity market
  • The absence of compensation for solar homes who's excess electricity offsets other consumers carbon footprint

Our solution:

OpenGrid is a decentralised energy trading platform, powered by blockchain and analytics technologies, that allows homes with excess rooftop solar to sell their excess energy directly to other homes at a market price.

Additionally, through the use of Smart Contracts from blockchain, homes will automatically receive carbon credits in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), as rewards for the CO2 they offset from the purchaser of their electricity.

Our differentiator:

  • Direct energy transactions
  • Allow homes with solar to earn a constant near retail rate per Kw/h
  • Ability to aggregate solar homes to earn carbon credits for excess solar electricity
  • Blockchain-powered carbon credit trading solutions

Biggest achievement:

Won the RedBull Basement Australian Nationals and competing at the Global final in Turkey this year.