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About BuzzBay

The problem we are solving:

  • Minimising Power Bills
  • Maximising Renewable Generator Output
  • Standardising Home Automation
  • Neighbourhood / Grid Orchestration

Our solution:

Today's technology is incredible, but our energy system is still steam powered! We can do better. We now have the technology to automate bill reduction.

''Make hay while the sun shines''

solarsync is where smart homes and energy savings meet. True carbon reduction and grid stabilisation with zero loss of function or convenience.

Our differentiator:

  • One app monitoring and control of your entire home
  • Local processing, no internet required for core functionality
  • Robust, designed to 'fail operational' standards
  • Scalable, device count / data transfer minimised for responsive operation
  • Minimises solar PV's impact on the energy grid

Biggest achievement:

Our startup was born out of the realisation 'this should be in every home'. We're driven to give everyone this opportunity to increase their home's convenience, while making big savings on their power bills and helping us all in decarbonising. In 3 years, we intend to be sufficiently scaled to move away from OTS hardware and begin manufacturing our control devices right here in the Latrobe Valley.