Honest Feeds

Honest Feeds

Providing Aussie farmers with reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable animal supplement feeds that help mitigate climate change by harnessing the circular economy

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Melbourne, Australia

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    About Honest Feeds

    The problem we are solving:

    • Healthy and nutritious alternative to expensive animal feed supplements
    • Available and affordable during times of drought and extreme weather events
    • Diverting organic food waste of businesses from landfill
    • Reducing the methane emissions from livestock & food waste in landfill

    Our solution:

    We offer reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable supplement feeds for Aussie farmers to keep their livestock healthy and well-fed even during times of drought or extreme weather events. We do this by transforming specific fruits and vegetables destined for landfill into nutritious feeds with the help of renewable energy. We also help farmers mitigate climate change by offering the potential to reduce livestock emissions through the consumption of our feeds.

    Our differentiator:

    • Harnessing the circular economy to help farmers mitigate climate change
    • Affordable supplement feeds with prices that remain steady despite high feed demand during droughts or extreme weather events
    • Offering a natural low-cost solution to the prevention of rodents from eating livestock feeds during plagues
    • Providing food-related businesses with an environmentally sustainable way to participate in the circular economy by recycling their fruits and vegetables destined for landfill into a valuable resource for the agriculture industry
    • Helping food-related businesses save the cost of paying the landfill levy

    Biggest achievement:

    • Successfully secured partner farmers in QLD and VIC
    • One of the first recipients of the Migrapreneur Grant from Catalysr and Techvisa
    • Currently has the support of 4 mentors who are recognised experts in the fields of social entrepreneurship, sustainable business, climate change mitigation in agriculture, and renewable energy