Volta Technique

Volta Technique

Volta technique specializes in clean energy storage and management technology.

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Waterloo, Canada
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Kamyar Rouindej

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About Volta Technique


Volta Technique tackles the problem of intermittency of renewables by providing a grid-scale capable solution in the form of compressed air storage. Other storage solutions such as batteries are challenged by high levelized cost of storage at scale. Pumped hydro is an alternative solution but it is limited by access to elevated grounds. However, compressed air storage typically reaches efficiency of only 60% in comparison to 70% for pumped hydro.


Volta focuses on the problem of thermal loss hampering compressed air storage efficiency. Through their innovation in thermal management, they have achieved 70%-72% round trip efficiency for their current compressed air storage system.


Volta specializes in low temperature thermal storage management system that has enabled round trip efficiency that rivals that of pumped hydro.

Greatest Achievement

Current systems are 200kWh to 500kWh and operational at a Waterloo, Canada pilot site. Volta’s thermal management system can be extended to grid-scale storage using salt caverns.