By merging smart sensors and Artificial Intelligence, mIQroTech aims to predict oil and gas pipeline leaks before they occur.

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Tampa, United States
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Meade Lewis

Founder & CEO & Chairman of the Board

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Moses Huf-Tirfe

Associate Executive

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Jevon Lewis

Customer Support Manager

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About MIQroTech

The problem we're solving

Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas pipeline leaks. These leaks are not only responsible for up to 90% of methane emissions, a hydrocarbon that is between 23 and 80 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than CO2, but also responsible for over $90 Billion in revenue losses for the operators of the lines.

Our solution

Smart sensors, or Internet of things devices, are placed along the pipeline infrastructure. Data is collected on the most important variables to pipeline longevity. These variables include measurements such as corrosion, vibration, temperature, geo-positioning, acoustics, pressure, density, and flow rates, collected at speeds up to 42 times every second. This data is then transmitted wirelessly to our AWS-hosted cloud network. The data is then processed by classical mathematics models as well as the latest advancements in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to not only alert the operator to realtime threats, but predict future hazards. These threats and hazards are then reported to the operator via text message, email, and are reported through an easy to use dashboard.

Our differentiator

Our technology measures seven or more variables at a time, all in one device; Our competition measures a single variable through each device.

Our technology reads at speeds up to 42x per second; The competition reads once every fifteen minutes or worse.

Our technology is completely wireless out of the box; The competition needs advanced network engineering to provide data connections to the operators.

Our hardware mounts completely externally from the pipeline (no hot tapping into the infrastructure or pigging); The competition penetrates the wall of the pipeline, creating a structural defect, and, according to PHMSA, causes roughly 2.3% of pipeline leaks every year.

We are the only solution that is all in one. Hardware, wireless, analytics, and reporting, all in a single package.

Our solution is much less expensive than anyone else on the market.

Biggest achievement

Reached full scalability of our technology and are beginning to deploy on over 7,000 miles worth of orders.