Handprint creates software solutions that help companies revamp their products and services by weaving credible sustainability actions into every business transaction.

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Singapore, Singapore
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Management Team

Simon JD Schillebeeckx avatar

Simon JD Schillebeeckx

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Ryan Merrill avatar

Ryan Merrill

Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer

Mathias Boissonot avatar

Mathias Boissonot

Co-founder & CEO

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About Handprint

The problem we're solving

Thousands of small-scale impact projects all around the world cannot access institutional funding, due to barrier entry cost of USD 50k to 100k for verification and certification.

Most of these projects, especially in emerging countries, are not happening due to lack of funding and efficient marketing initiatives. Projects only funding option remains philanthropy

Our solution

Handprint enables a regenerative economy. Their solution is an easy-to-use platform that connects business to the causes they and their consumers care about. Handprint enables high efficiency funding of an ecosystem of small-scale high-impact projects all around the world by providing Impact Projects digitization tools (Planter App) and market access.

Our differentiator

Handprint is different because they align with client's values and purpose (don't limit themselves to carbon offsetting). They have an internal engagement element.

Biggest achievement

Large partners and paying customer