Aerial automatically tracks your emissions, gives you an effortless way to offset them, and offers exclusive insights into how you can live sustainably.

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San Francisco, United States

Management Team

Andreas Homer avatar

Andreas Homer

Founder & CEO

Ari Sawyers avatar

Ari Sawyers

Head of Design and co-founder

Ebby Amir avatar

Ebby Amir

Co-Founder & CTO

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About Aerial

The problem we're solving

We know things like flying, driving, home energy, and blockchain technologies produce a carbon footprint and drive demand for fossil fuels, but we don't know how much, how to track it, or what to do about it. Basic non-profit websites exist, but the market lacks a trusted platform and brand that offers easy access to sustainable living based on your data and habits.

Our solution

Aerial gives you the tools to start living sustainably. Take action with a single tap, share your impact, and compete with friends and colleagues. You can also gain valuable insights on sustainability and learn tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our differentiator

Our founding team is from diverse backgrounds of French, Jamaican/Cape Verdean, and Persian descent, and we’ve helped design and build software for Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, as well as startups Sunrise, Acompli, Casper, and Path. We're leveraging our experience to build a personal and friendly product and brand. We want our audience to feel empowered and a part of our community, so that we can break free from the shame and guilt that has prevented similar efforts from scaling.

Biggest achievement

Our biggest achievement is doing partnerships this year with ASICS, Shopify, Shakira, Calvin Harris, Martha Stewart, Campbell's Soup, CNBC, Mr. Brainwash, KoЯn, Jerry Garcia Foundation, Major League Soccer, Ellen DeGeneres, Dole Food Company, Binance, SeedHealth, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and more.