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Victoria and the UK Unite for a Virtual Trade Mission Connecting the FinTech Ecosystems

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Victoria and the UK Unite for a Virtual Trade Mission Connecting the FinTech Ecosystems

In partnership with Startupbootcamp, Global Victoria, the Victorian government’s trade agency, invites Victorian fintech startups and scaleups to participate in a Virtual Trade Mission (VTM) in preparation for UK Fintech Week featuring Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS).

The program will allow Victorian entrepreneurs to gain the most value from UK Fintech Week while attending remotely. Centred around the potential value of the UK for Victorian startups and scaleups, the trade mission will facilitate masterclasses on ‘Building up Relationships in a Virtual World’, ‘Corporate Startup Collaboration’, ‘Remote Digital Marketing Tracking’ and ‘Why Do Business in the UK’ amongst others.

In addition, Growth Hacking support will be provided by Startupbootcamp to build up qualified leads that participating startups and scaleups can utilise during the virtual conference. Utilising the skills learned from the masterclasses, this mission will facilitate participants’ exploration of opportunities and challenges.

London and the UK remain at the centre of the global financial services industry, with one of the world’s most vibrant and innovative fintech ecosystems.

With its mature market, cultural familiarity, access to venture capital, and regulatory alignment including the UK-Australia Fintech Bridge, the UK and its larger market size is an attractive destination for Victorian fintechs seeking to grow globally.

This Virtual Trade Mission will provide startups and scaleups with the tools to facilitate participants’ exploration of opportunities and challenges during a pivotal time of change in the UK and EU in the context of Brexit.

“Preparing properly for a big conference as a founder is hard enough. Preparing for a virtual conference on the other side of the world is even tougher. This program’s goal is to make entering into a virtual conference as easy and painless as possible, while also offering great business opportunities to come out of it.” Brian Collins, Fintech Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Australia said.

Interested Victorian startups and scaleups who wish to apply or find out more can visit Global Victoria.

The Virtual Trade Mission will take place during UK Fintech Week, from April 19 to April 23.

For more information, contact:

Marietta Delvecchio
Head of Communications
Startupbootcamp Australia

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Brian Collins

Fintech Managing Director @ Startupbootcamp Australia