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Urban Tiller, Redefines Nutrition through Sustainable Leaf Based Ingredients

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Urban Tiller, Redefines Nutrition through Sustainable Leaf Based Ingredients

The food industry stands at a critical crossroad, where innovation is imperative to address the challenges faced by plant-based proteins.

Current market leaders like Soy, Pea, and Wheat encounter significant issues such as off-notes in taste, digestibility problems, allergens, and the unsustainable strain on natural resources that pose barriers to the widespread adoption of plant-based protein alternatives.

Transforming Agri Waste into Nutritional Products

Founded by Arjun Ayyagari, Vaibhaw Dwivedi, and Shiva Susarla, Urban Tiller presents a game-changing solution by tapping into RuBisCo, an abundant protein derived from surplus leaf biomass in the agricultural sector. RuBisCo not only boasts being non-allergenic but also offers all essential amino acids while being universally digestible.

Embracing the circular economy principles, Urban Tiller's approach transforms leaf biomass into pioneering food ingredients, addressing taste, digestibility, and sustainability in one innovative stroke.

Expanding to Tasmania: Embracing Agricultural Opportunities

Australia, particularly Tasmania, offers a fertile ground for their expansion. Tasmania serves as the agricultural nucleus of the country, producing significant agricultural waste that perfectly aligns with Urban Tiller’s vision of utilising surplus resources to create high-value food ingredients. This aligns seamlessly with their commitment to sustainability and innovative resource management.

Paving the Way for Food Industry Transformation

Urban Tiller plans to revolutionise the food industry with their new product. RuBisCo, derived from green leaves, holds the key to resolving the taste complexities prevalent in plant-based proteins without compromising the flavour profile.

When extracted and isolated optimally, RuBisCo protein is colorless and odorless, has a perfect PDCAAS score of 1 and also exhibits foaming and gelling properties. It has all essential amino acids too. This makes Rubisco protein a fantastic inclusion for not just the emerging plant-based meat analogue industry, but also a suitable replacement for animal-derived ingredients in other food applications. Urban Tiller is currently in product validation with prospective customers in plant based beverage sector and plans to start commercial operations by early 2024.

As Urban Tiller moves forward, they aim to align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on goals 11, 12, and 13, emphasising sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.

Urban Tiller is not just a startup; it's a movement driving change in the way we perceive, consume, and produce food!

Learn more about Urban Tiller here.

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