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Trove, the Startup Solving Wealth Inequality through Financial Investing

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 Trove, the Startup Solving Wealth Inequality through Financial Investing

In a world where financial disparities loom large, fintech startup Trove, has found a solution to address the deep-rooted issues of financial exclusion and wealth inequality in Africa.

Recognising the hurdles of limited access to financial products and low literacy rates, Trove, founded by Oluwatomi Solanke, has developed a micro investing platform to help Africans invest in global opportunities, build wealth, and take charge of their financial future.

With the richest 0.0001% owning 40% of the continent's wealth, this fintech platform bridges the gap by providing equitable access to stocks, EFTs and bonds effortlessly. They foster social investing through technology and enable users to learn from experienced investors.

This innovative app has created a transformative ecosystem focused on the principles of community-driven investment and education.

Discovering Opportunities Through Community-Centric Investment

Trove’s distinctive edge lies in its ability to bring together users in a collaborative space, fostering both investment opportunities and a culture of knowledge-sharing.

Unlike traditional systems, Trove doesn't isolate users in solitary transactions; it thrives on collective knowledge. This startup is people-driven and community-centric, so users learn, invest, and grow together. This creates an environment that democratises access to global wealth-building opportunities yet at the same time, tackles the root cause of wealth inequality.

If users cannot buy 1 share of their favourite company, Trove lets them invest in bits through fractional investing. With as little as $10 or ₦1,000, users can get exposure to Nigerian, American, and Chinese stocks, bonds, EFTs, and more. Some of the featured assets are Netflix, Facebook, Dangote, Apple, Uber, Twitter, Jumia, and more. With Trove, users will become savvy global investors as they can trade, buy, sell, and deposit funds all in one.

Setting Trove Apart

Trove’s success is evident in its diverse user base, who have collectively invested over $200 million in value in just three years.

They have leveraged the power of shared knowledge for informed decision-making and this distinctive model positions Trove as a holistic solution to financial exclusion and wealth inequality.

Looking ahead with SBC's Sustainable Fintech Accelerator Program

Looking towards the future, Trove aims to expand its reach by addressing critical growth challenges like expansion strategy and capital acquisition.

SBC’s Sustainable Fintech Accelerator Program aligns perfectly with their mission and objectives as it connects the Trove team to experienced mentors and investors who understand the nuances of sustainable finance that can help them reach their goal.

Founder, Oluwatomi Solanke, has shared with us, “The connection with conscious global corporations and impact investors will not only provide us with the necessary financial backing but also open doors to strategic partnerships and collaborations.”

SBC's accelerator program will play a pivotal role in propelling Trove to new heights, enabling them to make a more significant impact in the fight against financial exclusion and wealth inequality across Africa.

Learn more about Trove here.

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Kayla Dreuth

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