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Tiiga, the Startup Fueling The Gut Health Revolution

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Tiiga, the Startup Fueling The Gut Health Revolution

Gut health is at the core of our overall well-being, but millions worldwide suffer from gut-related issues, costing trillions of dollars along with frustration and embarrassment.

As the importance of gut health becomes increasingly clear, Tiiga, a dynamic startup founded by Jeff Tezak, is stepping up to address this global problem while bringing a touch of Africa's natural wisdom to the food industry.

Explore Tiiga's mission, its Australian expansion, and its commitment to revolutionising the food industry below.

Tiiga's Mission: Nourishing Gut Health with Baobab

2.2 billion people worldwide grapple with gut health problems, impacting not only their physical health but also their mental well-being. The market offers various solutions such as fibre, but most are highly processed and may not deliver the true benefits consumers seek. Tiiga, however, is redefining the game with its innovative approach.

Tiiga provides a solution that's low in calories, nutrient-dense, non-caffeinated, and sustainable. How do they achieve this? By harnessing the power of the African baobab fruit. Baobab, renowned as a superfruit, has been a source of energy, immunity, and gut health for centuries in African culture. Tiiga takes this ancient wisdom and transforms it into a great-tasting, on-the-go drink mix.

The magic of baobab is that it doesn't require extensive processing; the fruit itself is the powder. This means Tiiga delivers raw, unprocessed fibre directly to consumers, offering them a natural and effective solution for their gut health needs.

Expanding to Australia, Especially Tasmania

Tiiga's expansion into Australia, especially the pristine landscapes of Tasmania, is an exciting endeavour. It's not just about reaching new markets; it's about finding a like-minded community that values authenticity, sustainability, and wellness - principles deeply embedded in Tiiga's mission.

Tasmania in particular, offers Tiiga the opportunity to resonate with a market that shares its dedication to respecting nature and preserving the environment. The pure air and commitment to sustainable practices in Tasmania provide an ideal backdrop for Tiiga to flourish.

By expanding to Tasmania, Tiiga can cater to a broader audience that appreciates and actively seeks products that are as close to nature as possible. This synergy with Tasmania's values is what makes the expansion so promising.

Impact on the Food Industry and Future Goals

Tiiga's journey extends beyond addressing gut health; it's about revolutionising the food industry. By utilising baobab, Tiiga sets a new standard for authenticity, natural ingredients, and sustainability in the food product sector. This sets an example for other food startups and established industry players.

But Tiiga's impact goes even further, focusing on fairness and sustainability throughout its supply chain. From the baobab trees to the people who harvest them, Tiiga is committed to ensuring fair and sustainable treatment.

The startup collaborates with Baobab Cooperative groups in Africa to obtain responsibly harvested baobab fruit. This approach results in a remarkable 40% increase in household income for harvesters, a significant portion, 85%, of whom are women. This additional income directly contributes to improved educational opportunities and access to healthcare for their families.

Tiiga's future goals are clear: to continue leading the way in gut health solutions and sustainability in the food industry.

By doing so, they not only address a pressing global issue but also set a remarkable example of how businesses can thrive while respecting the planet and empowering communities.

Learn more about Tiiga here.

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