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The Digitisation of Fan Engagement

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The Digitisation of Fan Engagement

The global pandemic has seriously impacted sports and major events. We have suffered significant blows with the cancellation of major sports events, suspension of seasons, and banning of fans in stadiums. The way we consume, attend and engage with sports has changed forever.

Sporting teams and federations have identified the need to diversify their core offerings and reassess how they interact with the audience to improve fan engagement and open up new revenue streams. As we rebound to the “new normal”, innovation is leading the way.

Startupbootcamp Australia is currently scouting the world for leading Sports & EventTech startups. We reviewed 24,000 startups in January, and have already received 300 applicants to join our 2021 Sports & EventTech program. A strong trend has emerged: 50.57% are providing digital fan engagement solutions to the industry, in new and interesting ways!

With crowds banned or limited, technology is bringing fans and their sporting heroes closer than they have ever been! Three startups delivering digital fan engagement solutions are:


Based in Chicago, Illinois, PromoShare is a closed marketplace that helps sports brands discover, engage, increase loyalty and generate revenue through hyper-local fan communities.


Brightensport is an AI-Powered platform where athletes of all levels and sports get video-based technique analysis by pro-athletes. To participate, upload a video and choose a pro athlete from whom you want to receive feedback.


Famecast AKA FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Ecosystem), is an all-in-one platform to help influencers make money, better connect with their audiences, and create better content. The company is based in Los Angeles. Famecast leverages AI and ML technologies to automate the workflows and consolidate the data and dashboards into a standalone platform.

Invitation to Apply

If you are a digital fan engagement startup, or interested to learn more about the topic, we’d love to chat! We are hosting a number of events over the next month, so please register for the Event that best suits you by 29 March, or contact me directly at

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Ollie Howard

Sports & EventTech Managing Director @ Startupbootcamp Australia