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  • Startupbootcamp, a global accelerator, works with global partners Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line to help 10 startups accelerate their business
  • Core focus of the startups selected is reducing global emissions and working towards a sustainable future.

<Melbourne, Thursday 16th September, 2021> - Ten startups from around the globe have been selected to take part in Startupbootcamp’s Decarbonize Accelerator Program (DC21). Over the past month, 20 startups participated in our selection days, where they pitched in front of mentors, investors, senior executives, and other industry experts to find the top 10 to join our DC21 cohort.

There is no doubt that the world needs to decarbonize now. And there isn’t one simple solution. That’s why we have a selection of 10 startups with different solutions to help lower global emissions. For the next 12 weeks, these startups will work together with their mentors, startup advisors, and executive leaders at Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line to develop their ideas into scalable innovations to decarbonize the world.

The collaboration between large corporations and startups is something that is crucial in our fight towards a better future for our planet. It’s the large corporations that have the resources to invest in better technologies and small startups that have the agility to put them into practice. At Startupbootcamp, we have tested this model and have successfully run global energy programs since 2014, in South America, Asia, Asiana and Europe helping the energy industry, towards building a low-emissions future.

The 10 startups joining the DC21 cohort are:

Urchinomics - Restoring oceans into vibrant ecosystems for the benefit of communities around the world.

Aerial - A platform and technology enabling accurate offsetting of your carbon footprint, placing climate action in your hands.

Electro-Active Technologies - Technology and infrastructure converting food waste and renewable electricity into affordable, renewable hydrogen to power cities with waste.

Carbon Asset Solutions - A market leader in soil carbon generated credits, through an aggregated technology and unique business model.

Clean Carbon Technologies - Technology capable of producing large amounts of clean hydrogen & carbon technologies, reducing emissions of the industry and leaping towards green innovation.

Handprint - Bespoke solutions that create impact, through automation, integration and reporting, that regenerate the plant.

Primary Ocean - Technology, regenerating our oceans, enhancing our soils, feeding our people and fueling our world with seaweed.

SungreenH2 - Revolutionising zero emission by transforming green hydrogen production with the world's highest efficiency electrolyser.

Nozama - Measurable sustainability, through a digital ecosystem that enables companies to drive a controlled CO2 reduction strategy.

Teraloop - A high-efficiency storage device, which minimises the amount of energy infrastructure needed to ensure energy storage with the highest reliability. Teraloop is creating prosperity through access to sustainable energy.

Nuria Ruiperez, the Decarbonize Program Director at Startupbootcamp says:

This is the century we need to work towards a Decarbonize world by connecting passionate founders and technologies with our partners Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line , who share the same ethos to address the low emissions transition. The collaboration will accelerate the process and unlock the power of innovation”

It’s time to accelerate the energy transition through innovation. We’d love the global energy sector to get behind our initiatives to ensure a world with zero emissions.

Nuria Ruiperez avatar

Nuria Ruiperez

Managing Director, Energy @ Startupbootcamp Australia