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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Maintaining Machine Health and Increasing Workplace Safety with

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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Maintaining Machine Health and Increasing Workplace Safety with is an EnergyTech Hub 2023 scale-up that has evolved from humble startup origins into an international, innovative scale-up in the world of maintenance and sustainability. Their mission focuses on using AI-based solutions to minimise both time spent on equipment health maintenance and overall energy waste. Their innovative approach continues to enhance environmental conservation and workplace safety.’s Startup Journey began when the Founder and CEO, Leon Lim, faced the challenges of constant manual equipment monitoring and urgent maintenance during his days managing global data centres as part of the ‘Mining Rig Club.’ The frustrations of unexpected equipment breakdowns, and the need to ensure maximum uptime for clients served as the catalyst for change.

Leon began to envision a world where equipment could run smoothly without interruptions, and so was created. Leon developed Australia’s first sound-centric AI-based Predictive Maintenance solution, which enhanced overall equipment health and eliminated unplanned downtime.

Innovative Impact on Society and the Environment

To tackle the environmental and safety issues stemming from energy wastage and machinery breakdowns, leverages their artificial intelligence and sound analysis into an intricate predictive maintenance system. By analysing sound patterns and machine data,’s technology continuously monitors the performance of machinery and identifies potential issues which allows for timely interventions before they escalate into costly breakdowns.

What sets their approach apart is their capacity to not only keep machines in optimal condition, but also reduce the need for manual checks in hazardous environments. Remote monitoring has become the cornerstone of their strategy, enabling maintenance teams to operate safely while minimising their exposure to physical risks.

This dual benefit contributes to a more sustainable world by curbing energy wastage and fosters safer working conditions for maintenance crews.

Leading the Future Digital Transformation

Now that has established themselves as a scale-up, they are now connecting with impactful funding opportunities to take their business to the next level.

Just this year, a recent funding round brought the resources they needed for expansion, which helped them secure anchor clients, one being the prestigious Republic of the Singapore Navy.

As continues to scale up and gain some more reputable clients, Leon and his team envision their technology to be extremely pivotal in the digitisation of industrial companies. has a feeling that all industrial companies will eventually digitise their entire workflow, from production, procurement, and inspection to have more transparency, accountability and efficiency.

It’s key to know that predictive maintenance serves as the ideal starting point for companies' digitalisation and it not only promises substantial returns on investment, but also resolves critical operational issues.

Overall,'s journey from startup to scale-up is a testament to the power of innovation, impact, and a commitment to sustainable business practices.

We can’t wait to see all they will accomplish as they move forward and revolutionise the industrial world with AI.

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Madison Schumann

Operations and Community Manager @ Startupbootcamp Australia