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Startupbootcamp Decarbonize: An Ambitious Partnership to Transform the Energy Sector

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Startupbootcamp Decarbonize: An Ambitious Partnership to Transform the Energy Sector

Global startup accelerator, Startupbootcamp, in partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line have announced the launch of their new Decarbonize program.

A selection of the top 30 most groundbreaking  energy startups from around the world will get the opportunity to participate in the program to test, validate and accelerate their innovations.

Global integrated business enterprise Mitsubishi Corporation and international shipper NYK Line have teamed up to transform the energy supply chain for the benefit of their customers and the environment.

Enabled by the world-leading innovation accelerator, Startupbootcamp, the three year Decarbonize program is undertaking a global search for startups and scale ups with the potential to fundamentally alter the way energy is produced, transported, stored and delivered.

This is a unique opportunity for energy startups to engage with commercial opportunities and investors through a structured startup acceleration process. The Decarbonise program can/will transform innovations rapidly into sustainable solutions that our precious planet so desperately needs.

“Climate change is perhaps the single greatest challenge that is facing humanity. Great innovations are required that will transform living in a range of dimensions, from mining and manufacturing to transport through to end consumer goods . We are delighted to be working with Mitsubishi Corporation and NYL Line to help identify and accelerate startups with breakthrough high-technology solutions that may contribute to achieving a zero-carbon future” said Trevor Townsend CEO Startupbootcamp.

Following a rigorous selection process, the successful startups will work alongside  Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line, designing and implementing innovative solutions for immediate application in global settings. Startups in the program will receive global recognition and exposure for rapid acceleration into new markets and a variety of new business opportunities.

Mitsubishi Corporation is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide. Mitsubishi Corporation has 10 business groups that touch virtually every industrial sector. One of these: Natural Gas, is leading the Decarbonize program.

NYK Line is  a major partner in the supply chain, a comprehensive global-logistics corporation since 1885, NYK Line has paralleled that of Japan, a maritime nation.  Expanding into new business fields such as the shuttle tanker and offshore business including actively promoting the use of environmentally friendly LNG Fuel.

The Decarbonization program is launched and taking applications now! All energy startups are welcome to apply. Some program pillars include, but not limited to, carbon capture, biogenic, future fuels or repurpose supply chain innovations.

Go to the website here to apply directly or book a meeting with our energy expert to discuss the program's opportunities.

Be part of the ambitious program to transform the energy sector today! For more information, contact: Nuria Ruiperez, Managing Director Startupbootcamp Decarbonize Program.

p: +61 413 457 429


Nuria Ruiperez avatar

Nuria Ruiperez

Managing Director, Energy @ Startupbootcamp Australia