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SBC Alumni, Liquidstar is Bringing Sustainable Electricity to Djibouti Community

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SBC Alumni, Liquidstar is Bringing Sustainable Electricity to Djibouti Community

In Djibouti, a game-changing project is underway, thanks to SBC’s Energy 2020 Alumni, Liquidstar.

Founded by Conor Colwell and Scott Salandy-Defour, Liquidstar creates a new category of energy distribution, utilising Waypoint stations to charge batteries, enable e-mobility, generate atmospheric water, provide internet connectivity, and support micro data centres for beyond-the-grid sustainable infrastructure deployment.

Liquidstar’s vision is to leapfrog off-grid markets to the ‘wireless’ sustainable electron ecosystems of the future - solving energy and utility access challenges for the powerless 1 billion and beyond.

With deployments around the world in Jamaica and Indonesia, Liquidstar is now launching their 3rd location in Djibouti.

As of November 2023, Liquidstar, in partnership with USAID and the Djiboujian Ministry of Energy, has brought paid battery rentals and cold water sales to the community of Djibouti.

With zero advertising and communication only by word of mouth, the response has been incredible. All their initial batteries have been rented out at just 30 cents a day, and there’s a lineup for the next batch! Plus, Liquidstar’s Waypoint is powering up the village hospital for free and keeping the school’s lights on as a backup.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the initial deployment of the Djibouti Waypoint prior to battery arrival:

A big shoutout to Liquidstar leaders, Conor Colwell and Harrison Stahl, for leading this project to success. Conor even crashed on bubble wrap in the Waypoint to make this deployment happen!

There have definitely been many challenges, no doubt. Getting fuel in remote areas has been difficult and inconsistent, but Conor and Harrison rode solar-charged e-bikes through rough terrain to keep the project moving forward. And water? They made it using their Atmospheric Water Generator to stay hydrated while they were so far away from a water source.

Things got tricky right after Conor and Harrison left when a switch in the Waypoint malfunctioned. But with some help from The Ministry Of Health and their team using Starlink, they were able to get it back and running again.

As Liquidstar moves into the future, they will begin increasing the number of batteries available for rental, their water sales and the length of time needed for the micro data centre to be up and running. They will also begin to explore delivering rental batteries to the locals in the next village over.

Liquidstar is still on their fundraising journey and are happy to be connected to any investors or potential partners interested in a pilot, which is running at $500k. They’ve got limited subscription opportunities waiting.

Demonstrate interest by emailing,

The Djibouti Waypoint isn’t just a project; it’s innovating the energy industry in Africa and setting the stage for a brighter, better Djibouti!

Learn more about Liquidstar's impact and growth here.

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