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Revolutionising Real Estate: QuantPS' Data-Driven Approach to Banking and Property

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 Revolutionising Real Estate: QuantPS' Data-Driven Approach to Banking and Property

In the realm of finance, particularly in the intertwined world of banking and property, there exists a persistent dilemma: why do banks consistently lose substantial amounts of money when dealing with distressed residential real estate? This problem, projected to intensify with the looming rise in interest rates, has become both a global concern and a financial puzzle.

Founded by Jim Nicol, QuantPS, a local Ballarat fintech is breaking through this age-old problem using innovative data analytics. Their groundbreaking solution aims not just to disrupt but to transform the way distressed real estate is handled within the banking and finance sector.

How QuantPS is Disrupting the Market

The conventional narrative in real estate has long been fixated on transactional volume as the primary indicator of success. For banks looking to sell distressed properties, the norm was to turn to market leaders who boasted high volumes of property sales in a given area. But QuantPS challenges this notion entirely.

Their platform introduces a paradigm shift: from concentrating solely on property value to assessing the value an agent brings to a transaction. Through a meticulously crafted decision engine and a data-driven dashboard powered by advanced analytics, QuantPS predicts the worth of an agent in terms of maximising property sale outcomes.

What sets QuantPS apart from competitors is not just their innovative approach but their status as an emerging technology. They stand alone in their endeavour, with a value proposition that transcends mere profit. By reading and analysing agent data over time, they uncover a compelling story—one that helps banks realise higher returns on distressed property sales, significantly reducing losses typically incurred during such transactions.

Their platform consistently demonstrates an impressive capability: elevating property sales by 4 to 6% above market average in metro markets and an astonishing 6 to 8% in non-metro markets. These figures substantially mitigate the traditional losses incurred during distressed property sales, which generally fall around 10 to 12% below market value.

QuantPS isn’t just in the business of innovative technology; they're on a mission to transform lives. By providing banks with the means to make more informed decisions in real estate, they're not only unlocking billions of dollars in value globally but also advocating for the cause of ensuring more for those facing the loss of their homes.

The Future of QuantPS

Looking towards the future, QuantPS aims to licence its platform to banks through Amazon's AWS Marketplace. This strategic move aligns with banking SaaS procurement standards globally, allowing for a wider reach and adoption. Their goal is clear: to showcase how data-driven decision-making in real estate can positively impact lives, fostering better outcomes for both banks and their customers.

Participation in SBC’s Sustainable Fintech 2023 Accelerator Program will be a significant catalyst for QuantPS. It's a stepping stone towards amplifying their reach, enhancing their platform, and solidifying their position as a game-changer in the realm of fintech.

QuantPS isn’t just revolutionising real estate; they're reshaping the narrative of distressed property sales, empowering banks to make more informed decisions, and ultimately, ensuring a brighter future for those facing housing crisis globally.

Learn more about QuantPS here.

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Kayla Dreuth

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