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Our 3 Sustainable Fintech Fund Themes - What are they?

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Our 3 Sustainable Fintech Fund Themes - What are they?

Let's check out the three themes that make up our Sustainable Fintech Fund:

- Financial Wellbeing & Inclusion
- Sustainable Business Practices
- Financing Sustainable Growth

These themes all connect to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrate how we can improve the future through innovation, sustainability, and finance.

The first one, Financial Wellbeing and Inclusion is about giving access to appropriate and affordable financial services and products to allow people to enjoy life. Having this promotes greater financial inclusion for individuals and communities.

Two SBC alumni, Bereev and SettleMate both practise it. Bereev provides financial security to all members in a family. SettleMate assists all types of people to manage their money in an affordable manner.

The second one, Sustainable Business Practices, shows how a business can be economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly all in one.

Nava Ventures and Mark Labs both represent this theme. Nava Venture’s gives customers ways to invest in long-term sustainable practices through ESG savings accounts. Mark Labs offers consolidated views of investment portfolios performance.

The third and final theme is Financing Sustainable Growth. It's where you take the ESG considerations into account before making investment decisions in the financial section.

GreenGrowth and Habidatum practise this well. GreenGrowth gives a personalised investment portfolio based on the impacts of their lifestyle to lower their carbon footprint. Habidatum identifies opportunities, risks, and resilience of real estate locations for real estate investors, lenders, and insurers.

As we look to our alumni, it’s great to see they’re aligned with the UN’s SDGs and our Sustainable Fintech Fund Themes.

Interested in finding out how you can be a part of this growth?

Invest here in our Sustainable Fintech Fund today!

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Kayla Dreuth

Marketing Coordinator @ Startupbootcamp Australia