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Learn who is in our EnergyTech Hub 2023 Cohort!

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Learn who is in our EnergyTech Hub 2023 Cohort!

Our EnergyTech Hub Scale-Up Program has begun!

Startupbootcamp Australia's EnergyTech Hub program is designed to help hardworking founders to unlock barriers and grow their energy transition or sustainability scale-ups quickly.

We've identified the critical challenges that scale-ups encounter as they navigate their growth phase. To address these issues, we’ve curated specialised sessions covering essential topics such as refining go-to-market strategies, establishing a unique market presence, optimising supply chain operations, and much more! Through these sessions, scale-ups gather the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to take their next steps.

Once ready, we link global, ready-to-enter market scale-ups with top-notch experts who guide them on how to secure their next stage of funding or overcome any major hurdles in their industry.

We are now getting ready for session 2 of the EnergyTech Hub Scale-up Program and would love to share who the change-makers are in our community.

Meet the 22 innovative, diverse, and incredible scale-ups who are working to impact numerous environmental challenges whilst also continuing their exponential growth.

💻 Ayla: an AI-powered smart account pioneering a new and better way to compare, manage and pay for essential services.

BOOM!: developed software that is the one-stop-shop for the electrification of buildings - turning assumptions and goals into reality.

🔌 Chargur: leader in cable protector technology for electric vehicles (EVs).

💰 DNA Energy: provides specialist energy solutions that help customers save money, improve ESG outcomes and create revenue streams.

🔋 dox Technologies Inc: helping battery manufacturers accelerate battery testing using AI.

🔀 Energetica: a holistic automated energy portfolio optimisation and sustainability platform for enterprises and small businesses.

🌐 Future Grid: developed the most advanced, live real time grid management system in the world so they can keep the lights on and families safe as the world transitions to renewable energy.

Green Hat: premier provider of innovative energy monitoring and management solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises.

🌱 accelerating the digitalisation of industrial companies with machine maintenance and workplace safety AI solutions.

🚀 HYDROGENUS ENERGY LTD: developed and is refining hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines and highly efficient electrolysers.

🔄 Hydroverse: provides real-time digital tracing, verification and certification of hydrogen and its supply chain.

​​🏢 KCHKNA Inc: infuses technology into the most mundane as well as the most sophisticated of human activities such as waste to energy solutions and gigawatt-scale power plants.

🌊 Kelpy: creating a reliable and ethical Bioplastic replacement with seaweed for modern-day plastics.

🗺️ Nanobubble Agritech: provide integrated nanobubble technology solutions for the agricultural and horticultural sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

💸 Opturion: offers the only 21st century optimisation technology on the market.

♻️ PowerTec: provides power system strength products and systems for Microgrids and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, moving toward an electricity network powered by 100% renewables.

🔥 PVSTOP: is a non-flammable fire retardant, polymer film technology. It acts as a “liquid blanket” that non-destructively shuts down photovoltaic panels in seconds.

📈 Rayven: focused on helping industrial businesses around the world seize the opportunities that real-time data analysis and custom application development can deliver.

☀️ RedGridGPT: use a deep software layer to connect all of the energy-relevant appliances and devices within your home and the electricity grid, to create intelligent coordination for your device use, supercharge your solar and storage payback, and support your neighbourhood’s energy use.

🌏 Safe Earth: an online marketplace for solar components to help EPC companies reduce their procurement cost and find a better deal.

📱 Zawn: the world's only carbon negative, circular designed, recycled Ocean-Bound plastic phone cases.

👾 Zepben: building next generation operational technology for electricity distribution networks.

A huge thank you to our program partner LaunchVic, along with our community of mentors and investors for being a part of this journey - we are thrilled to see how these scale-ups will impact not just Australia, but the entire world.

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Kayla Dreuth

Marketing Coordinator @ Startupbootcamp Australia

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Adriana García Cota

Program Manager - Energy @ Startupbootcamp Australia