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How the Energy Ecosystem has the Potential to Power the Future

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How the Energy Ecosystem has the Potential to Power the Future

Energy is a key contributor to Australia’s economic prosperity.

As our society grows and evolves, so does our demand for energy. Many of our energy needs are met by non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gases. According to the Australian Government, “Coal and gas accounted for around 70% of electricity generation in 2021.” While these resources have sustained our daily life for centuries, we can no longer solely rely on it.

These non-renewable energy sources, also known as fossil fuels, are negatively affecting our world. Air pollution is harming our human health, toxic emissions are damaging our environment, and over-consuming our natural resources is exceeding what our biosphere can regenerate.

Over the last decade, we have seen drastic impacts on our climate and environment. From water pollution, to waste disposal, to greenhouse gases, our constant use of non-renewable energies has deteriorated our natural environment. If we continue to let this happen, it will lead to serious consequences for human health and wellbeing.

Now more than ever, it is time we find new ways to innovate the energy ecosystem. According to the United Nations, “the reduction of pollution and climate impacts alone could save the world up to $4.2 trillion per year by 2030!” Now that is a LOT!

Focusing on renewable, efficient energy is a good start because it will reduce the emissions created by manufacturing, transportation, and heating/cooling systems. While energy technologies can cost more at the start, they tend to be beneficial to homes and businesses in the long run.

“Renewable energy from sources like wind, solar and hydro provided about 29% of Australia’s electricity generation in 2021,” says the Australian Government. For example, Hydropower energy, which is fast-running water that produces electricity, is an affordable and effective solution that doesn’t emit wasted heat and gases like fossil fuels. It also converts over 90% of available energy into electricity, while fossil fuel power plants operate at around 60%.

If we can develop more solutions to be effective and sustainable in the energy ecosystem, we will make a huge difference for the generations to come.

Do you have any cutting-edge business ideas that could innovate the energy industry?

Maybe you could help to...

Reduce air pollution?

Eliminate greenhouse gases?

Stop thermal pollution?

If so, you may want to check out our EnergyInc program! We are currently on the search to find ambitious entrepreneurs who have early-stage, business ideas ready to be implemented into the energy or climate-tech industries.

Over the course of 10 weeks, our industry experts will teach entrepreneurs how they can launch their innovative ideas off the ground. Our program is designed to refine ideas, validate business concepts and build the partnerships and capabilities required to kickstart a startup journey.

EnergyInc encompasses sustainability in its entirety. So if you have a broader idea, for example, developing environmentally-friendly phone cases using ocean-bound plastics like Zawn, we are open to any innovative business plans that can make the world a more sustainable place.

If you are in Victoria and know of someone who has an early-stage idea, please refer them to apply to our EnergyInc Program!

Let’s make an impact on the energy industry together!


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