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Episode 5 of our Podcast is Out! Tune Into Sports Innovation!

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Episode 5 of our Podcast is Out! Tune Into Sports Innovation!

Episode 5 is here!

Listen in to Jon Chapman, co-founder of RefBook, and Trevor Townsend, CEO of Startupbootcamp Australia, as they chat about the journey and startup success of RefBook in the sports sector.

RefBook is a powerful cloud-based online referee and umpire management platform that’s focused on helping to manage officials in the wake of increased interest in sports in Australia. They provide digital solutions to save time, improve accuracy, and increase data insights.

In this episode, you'll hear about the dynamic between the co-founders, their different backgrounds and the benefits of having a tech expert as a part of the founding team.

The conversation explores RefBook's strategy to expand their customer base by partnering with different sports, the flexibility of their platform compared to competitors, and their plans for international expansion too.

Jon and Trevor also touch on the challenges and the key strategies involved in starting and growing a startup, including the importance of having a clear plan, understanding the customer, and staying connected to the original vision.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Episode:

0:03:04 - Sports Officials Management Platform

0:07:59 - Melbourne as a Startup Hub

0:11:49 - Expanding Sports Market Potential

0:18:53 - Power of Saying "No" in Startups

0:23:53 - The Global Opportunity in Sports Officiating

Tune in for an engaging discussion on startup success, sports management and international expansion below:

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Apple Here.

Google Here.

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Kayla Dreuth

Marketing Coordinator @ Startupbootcamp Australia