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EnergyTech Hub (ETH) is proud to announce the ETH21 cohort

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EnergyTech Hub (ETH) is proud to announce the ETH21 cohort

The EnergyTech Hub (ETH) is proud to announce the ETH21 cohort. Powered by Startupbootcamp the ETH is the collaboration platform that connects international, market-ready scaleup technology solutions with Australia’s energy industry. Seven scaleups from Germany, Finland, UK, Spain, India, and Australia have joined ETH21.

Annea - Germany

ANNEA is a scalable and adaptable IoT-platform using cutting edge artificial intelligence and physical modelling to provide condition-based prescriptive & predictive maintenance for machines.

Aurelia Turbines - Finland

Aurelia Turbines manufactures the most efficient small gas turbines in the world that can use hydrogen and other fuels to help end-customers reduce their operating costs, improve their performance, and protect the environment.

Electric Miles - UK

Electric Miles is developing the world's most intelligent Internet of Energy (IoE) electric vehicle charging solution that connects EV assets and home batteries with the best computer intelligence to help users save energy costs, be more efficient, and reduce energy consumption.

Lumenaza - Germany

Lumenaza offers a powerful SaaS platform that enables green utilities to start, grow and evolve their business by connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy.

Smartive - Spain

Smartive provides an intelligent platform to improve the operation and efficiency of the energy market using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data mining algorithms with a focus on accurate real-time data analysis to supervise, monitor, diagnose and prognose the performance of wind turbines.

SustLabs - India

SustLabs deciphers real-time electricity consumption of the house all the way up to heavy appliances’ level by analysing smart meter data generating valuable insights for utilities, appliance manufacturers, and market research companies

Village Energy - Australia

Village Energy builds thriving communities by helping grid operators improve the reliability and affordability of providing energy to remote villages and towns

The ETH21 program commenced on Monday 30 August. Over the next three months the ETH will help the scaleups with market entry initiatives culminating in an industry wide showcase on 25 November.

The ETH is designed to help the Australian energy industry collaborate on the most challenging and pressing problems facing the sector. Through targeted industry events, we bring together leaders from the energy, investment, and business community to collaborate and find solutions to technical, economic, and strategic challenges with the help of international Scaleups with commercial ready solutions.

The ETH is proudly supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, EnergyAustralia, Victorian Cleantech Fund, Victorian Cleantech Cluster, Victorian Government (DELWP), C4NET and Australian Institute for Energy, among others.

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Abs Bulbuliya

Program Director @ Startupbootcamp Australia