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Edible Cutlery, the Startup Eliminating Single-Use Cutlery Waste

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Edible Cutlery, the Startup Eliminating Single-Use Cutlery Waste

At the heart of Edible Cutlery's mission is the need to combat the alarming problem of single-use cutlery waste. Disposable plastic, once seen as a solution to reduce paper and bamboo consumption, has now become an environmental crisis.

Edible Cutlery, a FoodTech Tasmania 2023 startup, has disrupted this unsustainable loop by providing an eco-friendly cutlery line of spoons, sporks, and straws that are all 100% biodegradable. Rather than offering traditional alternatives that may leave a trace behind, they provide edible alternatives, which reduce waste and enhance sustainability.

Founded by Abhinav Biijavera Nagaraj, Edible Cutlery is not just about being eco-friendly; it's also passionate about enhancing the dining experience and having customers “savour the delight."

They offer a range of innovative and delicious flavours that add an extra layer of enjoyment to every meal. Some of the spoon options are: chocolate, cheesy garlic, oregano, or green mango. So if you have a pasta dish for dinner, you can pair it with a cheesy garlic spoon.

Not only has Edible Cutlery developed products that are premium, natural, and guilt-free, but they have also collaborated with local farmers, which in turn has bolstered sustainable agriculture and boosted their community’s prosperity.

Expanding Horizons to Tasmania

Expanding their operations from Perth to Tasmania is exciting for Edible Cutlery. Tasmania's pristine natural environment perfectly aligns with their commitment to sustainability. The state's focus on environmental preservation and its eco-conscious culture make it an ideal market for their unique products.

Tasmania's reputation for appreciating innovative and environmentally responsible solutions provides a receptive audience for Edible Cutlery. Furthermore, the eco-tourism sector in Tasmania offers an excellent opportunity to showcase their products to a global audience. This expansion highlights the synergy between environmental responsibility and culinary innovation.

As of October this year, Edible Cutlery has already implemented their products into a few local cafes, restaurants, and dessert ships in Tasmania.

A Mission to Impact the Food Industry

As Edible Cutlery moves forward in the startup ecosystem, they aim to make a significant impact by reducing single-use cutlery waste and offering businesses an additional revenue stream through their eco-conscious products.

Edible Cutlery is on a mission to create a greener, healthier, and more environmentally responsible dining experience for all and we can’t wait to see how their products will influence Australia and beyond.

Learn more about Edible Cutlery here.

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