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DoGood: Paving the Path for Sustainable Corporate Action

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DoGood: Paving the Path for Sustainable Corporate Action

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a necessity. As companies head into the future, it’s crucial they contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Fintech Startup, DoGood, isn't just another player in the field trying to help; it's instead transforming the way organisations approach their sustainability goals.

Who is DoGood?

Founded by Ignacio Barriendos Hoppichler, DoGood aims to simplify the complex web of sustainability objectives for companies. Imagine a platform that translates the high-level ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives into actionable tasks for every single employee.

Then, each employee not only knows how to make an impact but also feels empowered to contribute meaningfully to the greater sustainable strategy.

Through a SaaS (Software as a Service) B2B platform, DoGood streamlines the often daunting task of implementing sustainability strategies.

There’s no more vague directives or confusion about how to align with a company's sustainable vision. Instead, DoGood automates the process, making it seamless for the workforce to know precisely what steps to take.

With this method, DoGood increases the workforce productivity, reduces the risks and costs of implementing a sustainable strategy, reduces the reputational damage and provides new opportunities with regards to talent, ESG loans, deals, etc.

Market Differentiation

What sets DoGood apart from its competitors?

While they are competing in an evolving market that’s still maturing, the two main characteristics that set DoGood apart are their track record and innovative product features.

Having collaborated with industry giants like BBVA, Accenture, Philip Morris, and Siemens Energy speaks volumes about their credibility and gives them a more reliable positioning.

Additionally, having an 88% renewal rate is a testament to the trust and satisfaction clients have in their services. Addressing all three ESG scopes - Environment, Social, and Governance - sets DoGood apart too. Its readiness for global implementation and internal integrations is a huge reason why clients choose them over other platforms.

What's on the horizon for DoGood?

Moving forward, the DoGood team imagines their startup to become the Asana of Sustainability and desires for it to be present in every organisation in the world.

With aspirations to refine market targeting, pricing models, and value propositions, the next step is a strategic expansion into the market. Exploring avenues to create a distribution channel is also on the cards.

With the help of SBC’s Sustainable Fintech Accelerator Program, DoGood will gain clarity on milestones, fine-tune their strategies, and chart a course for exponential growth.

In a world where the need for sustainable action is more urgent than ever, DoGood stands as a guiding light. Let’s create a future where our planet and people thrive.

Learn more about DoGood here.

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Kayla Dreuth

Marketing Coordinator @ Startupbootcamp Australia