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Corbiota, Harnessing Natural Solutions for Healthier Animal Farming

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Corbiota, Harnessing Natural Solutions for Healthier Animal Farming

In the ever growing landscape of meat production, animal health has become a huge concern for both policymakers and consumers. Simultaneously, there is a growing consensus among farmers to minimise the use of antibiotics and medications.

To address this pressing issue, the German-based startup, Corbiota has developed a solution that not only prioritises animal health but also aligns with sustainable farming practices.

With the help of the FoodTech Tasmania 2023 Accelerator Program, Julia Katrin Rohde and her team are going to impact animal health and farming practices on a global scale.

The Problem at Hand

The increasing consumption of chicken meat coupled with a rapid decrease in self-sufficiency is leading Germany to become internationally dependent on the next system relevant area. Germany, once at 131.6% self-sufficiency in 2014, has plummeted to 96.7% in 2021, indicating a dangerous trend towards international dependency.

To counter this, there has been a need to reverse this trend by approving new fattening facilities and enhancing existing ones to meet the growing demands for animal welfare, product quality, and safety.

Despite the promise of improved animal welfare through measures like providing more space and stress-free feeding, the financial burden on farmers is too significant. Rising costs cannot be compensated through higher prices or special labels, especially for those earning minimal profits per chicken.

This situation necessitates urgent attention and sustainable solutions.

The Corbiota Solution

Every year, 15 billion euros are spent on antibiotics, which are often routinely administered to animals to promote growth and prevent diseases. This practice has a significant impact on the health of animals and humans, especially due to the overuse of antibiotics, as it leads to an increasing antibiotic resistance.

Corbiota’s more sustainable modern farming of providing young animals with natural and animal-friendly nutrition, encourages their instinctive behaviours and supports their health and growth in a natural way.

Corbiota specifically leverages the power of worms and worm products to enhance the eubiosis, improved gut health, of young animals such as chicks and piglets. By fortifying their natural resistance to diseases, Corbiota's species-appropriate products ensure improved health.

Sustainability at its Core

Corbiota's impact extends far beyond health benefits. Rigorous testing has demonstrated that incorporating worms in the farming process can reduce waste at slaughterhouses by up to 50%. This reduction not only streamlines operations but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability.

By minimising waste, Corbiota is championing efficiency in the entire meat production cycle, emphasising a holistic approach that benefits both the industry and the planet.

Coming to Tasmania, Australia

As Corbiota expands its reach to innovative markets like Australia, particularly Tasmania, it brings with it not just a solution but a vision—a vision where animal farming is not only about profit but also about ethics and sustainability.

  • Founder, Julia Katrin Rohde, says, “"Australia is a really exciting opportunity for Corbiota as it is a very innovative and developed country. The strong agricultural focus in Australia and especially in Tasmania further underlines this. In addition, Australia places great emphasis on health and animal welfare, so Corbiota sees an opportunity to support and enrich these projects."

A Brighter Future for Animal Farming

In the coming years and with the help of FoodTech Tasmania, Corbiota has plans to expand all around Europe, the US and the APAC regions. Many of their product variants are in the testing phase and their goal as they move forward is to create a new category and become the new standard for natural animal health and welfare solutions.

By embracing natural, species-appropriate solutions, Corbiota is actively shaping a future where animal health, environmental responsibility, and economic viability coexist harmoniously.

Learn more about Corbiota here.

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