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Argento Labs, Converting Agricultural Waste Into Valuable Resources

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Argento Labs, Converting Agricultural Waste Into Valuable Resources

Argento Labs, a FoodTech Tasmania 2023 startup, is leading the biotech revolution by transforming agricultural, forestry, and municipal waste into valuable resources.

Efficient Agricultural Waste Utilisation

Founders, Anthony Efionayi, Richard Giles, and Agustin Llamas, developed a bio-processing technology that converts agricultural waste generated by the food industry into bio-tech products such as cellulosic ethanol and nutrient-rich additives for animal feed.

Their eco-friendly bio-products help to reduce agricultural waste in the food supply chain, which not only lowers disposal costs but also minimises environmental pollution caused by traditional waste disposal methods. With the growing consumer demand for sustainable products, Argento Labs’ tech is contributing to long-term sustainability in food production.

Why Expand to Tasmania, Australia?

As they’re working towards efficient waste utilisation, they are also in the process of expanding their business from England, to the land down under - Tasmania, Australia.

The State of Tasmania offers a diverse range of agricultural resources, including various crops and residues. This abundance aligns well with Argento Lab’s expertise in converting agricultural waste into biotech products. Tasmania is also committed to environmental conservation and sustainability which resonates directly with their mission to provide eco-friendly solutions to industries.

Impact in the Food Industry

As they continue to grow their scale-up, Argento Labs’ goal is to make sustainable biotech products accessible to the global market, specifically the APAC region. They are committed to helping the food industry reduce its carbon footprint and adopt more environmentally friendly practices across the industry.

Argento Labs launched a £400K public equity crowdfunding campaign, that’s exclusively available to European investors.

See the campaign page here for more details.

As Argento Labs continues through the FoodTech Program, we are excited to see how they will grow and thrive in the Tasmanian food ecosystem.

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