Innovative system to track stock and expiry dates on shelves and fight waste in retailers like supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Santiago Guglielmetti

Co-Founder and CEO

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Santiago López Silveyra

Co-founder and COO

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Federico Broggi


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Ivan Alejandro Muñoz


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Federico Mallo

Commercial Director

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The problem we're solving:

WINIM fights food waste. 1.300 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted worldwide each year, which are worth USD 2.3 Trillion. This is equivalent to about one third of the food produced for human consumption and its carbon footprint is 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 Green House Gases. In Latin America over 127 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted each year. This happens while 400 million people live struggling economically. That's why WINIM is created.

Our solution:

WINIM enables large food producers and small retailers to sell their surplus products at great discounts. The business is divided into two main units within a mobile app. On one hand, there is a unit designed for retailers like supermarkets or restaurants and, on the other hand, there is a section dedicated to large food producers & farmers allowing them to sell their surplus through WINIM Markets. Together WINIM has saved over 700,000 products, preventing more than 900,000kg of CO2 emissions.

Our differentiator:

Demand forecasting: Optimize operations with tech to minimize food waste. B2B sales & partnerships: Excel in B2B sales, expanding reach through strong collaborations. Cutting-edge technology: Slick platform delivers seamless user experience. Experienced founders: Diverse backgrounds bring knowledge to the table. Purpose-driven: Motivated by positive impact on society and the environment. Consignment model & working capital: Listing products without upfront costs.

Our biggest achievement:

Firstly, in November 2019 WINIM gave a conference in Vatican next to Pope Francis to talk about Food Waste and the environment.

Secondly, in 2022, WINIM was selected into Techstars, one of the most important accelerators in the world. WINIM was the 2nd Argentine startup to do it in history.

Most recently, in 2023, WINIM closed a deal to solve the entire food waste problem for Carrefour, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world, and the biggest one in France, Argentina and Brazil.