twodots is a software company that creates authentic, personal connections with fan audiences, in a digital world.

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California, North America
USD $1M-$5M

Management Team

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Dylan Des Fountain

Business Development

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Matt Martin


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Joy Des Fountain


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Augusto Samame


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Wouter Lombard

Head of Talent

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About twodots

The problem we're solving:

Sporting bodies and their sponsors are not maximizing the full value of their fans. Today’s disconnected fan experience continues to be a one-way interaction. It’s also a missed opportunity to fully immerse fans in engaging experiences at every touchpoint along their fan journey and in their own ecosystem, to turn passive spectators into active, engaged and connected fans - anywhere, anytime

Our solution:

Twodots is the SaaS solution that enables sporting bodies and their sponsors to move fan engagement to their proprietary platforms, own fan data and maximise their value, by creating authentic, personal digital connections.

Our differentiator:

There is no current solution in the market that is offering a personalized engagement SaaS solution to sporting bodies and their sponsors, with diverse and configurable solution set to meet their varying needs.

Our biggest achievement:

We have built technology giving people all over the world the ability to connect and learn from their hero. We have worked with in excess of 4,000 creators and provided the technology for over 30,000 paid for personalised experiences. After listening to our customers, we saw a need to develop the first of its kind, next generation personalised engagement and learning SaaS platform.