TriBus Probe

TriBus Probe

Making every drop count using real-time soil moisture & fertilizer activity tracking technology

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Ruston, United States
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Management Team

Emile Jordaan avatar

Emile Jordaan

Principle Founder & COO of RavahTech

Jay Robbins avatar

Jay Robbins

Co-Founder & President of Irrigation-Mart

David Kramer avatar

David Kramer

Technical Director & President of DMK Engineering

Ryan Hassebrook avatar

Ryan Hassebrook

Member of EXCO & President of ServiTech

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About TriBus Probe

The problem we're solving:

Over irrigation leading to wasting irrigation water, energy & leaching fertilizer past the root-zone. This leads to losing money, contamination of the aquafer, lack of sustainability measures, electricity wastage due to over irrigation, lack of traceability measures. This results in non accountable environmental stewardship.

Our solution:

Patented soil moisture and fertilizer tracking technology to monitor and report soil moisture and fertilizer activity in real-time to prevent all the problems mentioned above and offer traceability in the food production value chain.

Our differentiator:

Patented and unique absolute multiple depth soil electrical conductivity measurement linked to very affordable (with the option of an integrated IOT module) IOT technology.

Our biggest achievement:

Development of working prototypes to proof functionality and registering subsequent patents in key global regions.