The Connecter

The Connecter

The Connecter is a DeFi Super app offering a full suite of decentralized financial tools for the everyday person.

Company Details

Bucharest, Romania

Management Team

 Eduard Soponar avatar

Eduard Soponar

Co-Founder & CEO

Paige Soponar, M.A., B.Sc. avatar

Paige Soponar, M.A., B.Sc.

Co-Founder & COO

Sergiu Vasilescu avatar

Sergiu Vasilescu

Legal & Compliance

    Hassan Ilyas avatar

    Hassan Ilyas

    UI/UX Designer

      Ionut Fodorut avatar

      Ionut Fodorut

      Software Engineering Director

        Cristian Bud avatar

        Cristian Bud

        Full Stack Software Developer

          Marc Razvan avatar

          Marc Razvan

          Full Stack Software Developer

            Brandon Akiyama avatar

            Brandon Akiyama

            Financial Advisor

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              About The Connecter

              The problem we're solving:

              The Connecter solves problems related to: DeFi participation, seamless accessibility, technical and knowledge barriers, lack of real-world utility and global accessibility to financial services.

              Our solution:

              The Connecter offers a full suite of decentralized financial tools for the everyday person so all may experience the benefits of blockchain technology pertaining to transparency, speed, security, remittance, and accessibility. The Connecter simplifies DeFi in 3 ways: 1. User-friendly (evidence-based) interface for easy DeFi navigation, 2. Web 2 Language, with a Web 3 backend. 3.Offering comprehensive features: DEX, bill payments, in-store payments, help desk, tax tools, AI financial advice.

              Our differentiator:

              1. A User-Friendly DeFi Super App:

                • The Connecter provides a user-friendly DeFi super app.
                • Accessible to all, regardless of technical knowledge or location.
                • Seamlessly bridges the gap between users and DeFi services.
              2. Targeting the Underserved Market:

                • The Connecter focuses on serving the underserved market.
                • Addresses the needs of individuals lacking access to traditional financial services.
                • Aims to capture a significant share of the expanding DeFi market with a B2B2C approach.

              Our biggest achievement:

              Secured a strategic partnership with Ugwumba Leadership Center (access to 5,000 startups & SMEs across Nigeria + 10,000 young entrepreneurs across Africa). Secured partnership with Nakama.ID for market penetration of The Connecter in Indonesian market. Secured partnership with ENRICH in Africa (EU Funded Initiative) for market penetration in: Cape Town (South Africa); Ethiopia; Ghana; Kenya; Malawi; Uganda; Zambia; Senegal - Dakar; Tanzania - Dar es Salaam; Ghana - Accra; Zambia - Lusaka;