SUMOTEX: Pioneering Real-World Asset Tokenization in Southeast Asia.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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About Sumotex

The problem we're solving:

Sumotex addresses the critical issue of illiquidity in real estate by enabling tokenization. Without tokenization, investors face long delays in capital extraction, and smaller investors are excluded due to the high cost of entry, maintaining the status quo of limited accessibility and slow financial turnover in the industry.

Our solution:

SUMOTEX offers a blockchain-based platform for real estate tokenization, enhancing liquidity by allowing asset owners to issue and trade fractional ownerships easily. Our solution lowers entry barriers, enabling retail investors to participate in the real estate market with minimal investment, thus democratizing access and accelerating capital flow.

Our differentiator:

Our main differentiator is that the tokenization platform is built on our very own Layer-1 Hybrid blockchain, offering robust security and scalability. It supports seamless interoperability with other systems, ensuring broad market access. Sumotex features a user-friendly interface and adheres to stringent compliance standards across jurisdictions, enhancing trust and reducing investment barriers. Tokenization enables enhanced liquidity options and participation in fractional ownership.

Our biggest achievement:

SUMOTEX, in collaboration with UBB Investment Bank in Labuan, successfully tokenized $26 million USD of real-world assets, demonstrating the platform's scalability and security, one of its biggest achievement.

This milestone showcases SUMOTEX’s ability to integrate blockchain technology with traditional finance, enhancing real estate investment accessibility and liquidity, and establishing SUMOTEX as a transformative force in the financial and real estate sectors.