Content management platform for spoken word multimedia.

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Tony Simmons

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About Sonnant

The problem we're solving:

Multimedia content creation and management processes are manual, inefficient and time-consuming. With many entrenched workflow pain points and expenses, content creators and publishers are missing significant revenue uplift and cost efficiency opportunities. Also, as content creation, publication and advertising methods evolve, complex new pain points are emerging.

Our solution:

To solve these critical, industry-wide, business-unit specific, content challenges, Sonnant turns spoken word multimedia into data; data that automates workflows for cost savings and delivers enhanced monetisation capabilities for revenue generation.

Sonnant uses AI that automatically transcribes, tags, categorises, clips and organises content. And, our natural language processing extracts, analyses, summarises and contextualises for improved advertising and engagement outcomes.

Our differentiator:

At scale, the Sonnant platform functions as an API driven toolbox with the following key differentiators:

  • Agnostic and unified CMS and with multiple AI tools
  • Ability to quickly train and deploy customer specific AI modules
  • Able to enhance and augment any existing platforms via API and make new features and functions live to partners customers
  • Democratised expensive media monitors / watch lists / personalisation tools
  • Price, accuracy and simplicity

Our biggest achievement:

Within 12 months of launch, we have out-performed established global software developers in key customer accounts.

We have acquired multiple customers in AUS, UK and USA and have delivered enterprise integrations / automations for enterprise podcasters, broadcasters and sports organisation.

Our workflow automations have a proven 98% time and cost reductions on labour intensive tasks.