sMover helps real estate customers find exactly what they're looking for: the best home, the best agent, the best deal.

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Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America

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Craig Dearth

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Peter Unsworth

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About sMover

The problem we're solving:

In the USA, 90% of Real Estate Sales Rely on Agents. However, real estate customers are the ones who decide to buy, sell, invest, or rent real estate. Yet, these customers have little control! Real estate has been focused on the agent. Agents with Little Experience Exposes YOU to risks! High Costs, Poor Negotiations, Inexperience, Emotional Decisions, Poor Recommendations, Financial Loss, Safety The agent-centered approach involves a high cost of sale with an uncertain outcome.

Our solution:

Real Estate has changed! Customers want to be trusted to make the best decisions. Customers want more control!​ sMover empowers real estate customers to take control of their real estate and find exactly what they're looking for: the best home, the best agent, the best deal.

Our differentiator:

To change real estate, sMover starts where the customer starts AND continues with them throughout their entire real estate journey.

sMover is a multi-tenanted Real-estate Platform, Designed for Brokerages and their Customers, Powered by AI, and 90% cheaper than competitors in this space.

With sMover, real estate agents and their customers will save time and money, while also experiencing increased trust and safety.

Our biggest achievement:

Our global, diverse team are experts in: User design focused on the customer experience Harnessing complex data to help customers make simple decisions AI&ML to solve complicated problems Engineering with the skill and capability to scale

We have: 100 Agents Onboarded 667 Customers Waitlisted Bootstrapped Live Beta Product