RentRadar Technologies Inc.

RentRadar Technologies Inc.

Simplifying home rental search for Canadians

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Vancouver , Canada

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About RentRadar Technologies Inc.

The problem we're solving:

Finding a home in rental market of Canada is very competitive and hard. The rental market data is very scattered on range of listing websites such as Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist, REW, RentFaster, PadMapper, to name but a few. Users always have to search multiple websites on a daily basis and there is always that they miss some listings that it might be a good fit for them.

Our solution:

We are simplifying rental search by building a one-stop shop platform by aggregating public data in one place. Users sign up and set up their rental preferences and we work as a radar on the market to find the rentals that match their preferences. We the search data that we collect, we also help developers and builders to have insight into which areas are more demanding by the renters to build more homes. Also, city by city, and province by province, the popular listing portals differ.

Our differentiator:

Some of the listing platforms have such a notifier feature that sends users matching rentals when there is one fitting the renters criteria. However, our platform watches all rental market not just one website. Since we cover all listing portals, users barely miss any new listings in the market.

Our biggest achievement:

We collaborated with prestigious universities such as University of British Columbia and University of Calgary and got listed on their websites as a trustworthy listing portal. Also, since we launched two months ago, we very minimal marketing effort, we reached 150 registered users.

Over the past 30 days, we have got 600 visitors (250% month over month growth).