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PuriFire Labs

PuriFire Labs is pioneering the production of green hydrogen and carbon-neutral methanol to decarbonise the global shipping and chemicals industries.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom
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About PuriFire Labs

The problem we're solving:

Industrial manufacturing is not sustainable. These industries have a massive carbon footprint and are releasing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Globally, polluting industries such as steel, cement, fertilizers and oil and gas contributed nearly 6.2 billion tons of CO2 or 20% of global emissions. And PuriFire believes they have the technology to change that.

Our solution:

PuriFire Labs provides a patented cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system that extracts CO2 from post-combustion flue gas emissions or methane enrichment.

The USP of PuriFire's solution is the ability to retrofit into systems or stand alone as a capture component. The versatile platform can cryogenically liquify most gases (except hydrogen) and can be applied to various polluting sources at varying temperatures.

Our differentiator:

Unlike other solutions, which depend on solvents and amines to capture CO2, PuriFire's technology does not use any solvents, catalysts or amines. With fewer moving parts and a more streamlined process, PuriFire is at least 35% cheaper Capex and 30% less energy intensive than other technologies resulting in a scalable solution.

Our biggest achievement:

  • 100s of hours of R&D to conduct various experiments and prove the process, eliminating the scientific risk
  • PuriFire has captured and solidified CO2 through lab trials, accelerating their tech to TRL#3, and now ready to scale to commercial applications - Upstream LOI with a UK biogas power company to apply PuriFire's technology onto their infrastructure
  • Downstream LOI with mid-market food and entertainment to offtake captured CO2
  • Worked with an energy expert at Lincoln University to model the efficiency of their process to establish a baseline
  • PF has a portfolio of patents - 3 in total and two more to be filed over the next six months