PlaySpark helps sports teams and organizations supercharge their audience activation using customizable, white-labelled games

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About PlaySpark

The problem we're solving:

Sports organisations face a real challenge to maintain long term attention and retention of fans if they continue to rely on live rights as their primary source of revenue, given younger fans are now more digitally motivated and tend to not attend live matches.

This impacts both their revenue and that of their sponsors, who are looking for more innovative ways to connect with this younger fan base beyond the traditional live event passive activations which are difficult to assess ROI.

Our solution:

PlaySpark supercharges fan loyalty. It is a white-labelled rewards platform which uses gamification to motivate positive fan behaviours, allowing sports organisations to increase revenue while providing sponsors with the ability to laser-focus their marketing.

Fans can interact with content and "play-to-earn" branded loyalty fan tokens, which can be used to build their fan status, access exclusive content, money can't buy experiences and targeted sponsor products or offers.

Our differentiator:

PlaySpark have a unique economic model, which uses the sponsors as the primary economic driver rather than the fans, which preserves the overall fan experience and retention to the platform.

By integrating sponsors into the ecosystem, PlaySpark creates a new direct advertising stream which deepens their relationship and knowledge of the SportzFan user and accurate, trackable data to measure ROI from activations.

Our biggest achievement:

  • PlaySpark are still in the early stages of their company, however they have managed to secure their first client (from Australian Baseball League) who will launched their MVP in QTR 4 2022.
  • They have another Australian sports client (Suncorp Netball team) who will be testing our prototype with a subset of their fans as a progression towards a pilot.
  • They have had meetings with over 15 Australian sports teams to discuss their key pain points, which has helped us formulate a solution that addresses the key business objectives.
  • They have secured a partnership with leading fan engagement provider KOJO, who provide key network connections to Australian sports teams as well as product development to ensure strong product execution and design.