NuCash is a growing early-stage Fintech startup launched with a vision to make finance simple and friendly for Indian college students.

Company Details

Santa Clara, United States

Management Team

Ashit Joshi avatar

Ashit Joshi

CEO & Founder

Margarita Uvaeva avatar

Margarita Uvaeva

Head of Product Design

Jas Mehta avatar

Jas Mehta

Head of Finance/Strategy/Compliance

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About NuCash

The problem we're solving:

Indian college students have several financial problems:

  • 50% of graduates face skill and financial barriers.
  • 90% of students are frustrated with slow, outdated, and costly financial services.
  • 76% of Indians lack investment knowledge and are seeking reliable investment options.

Our solution:

Their product offers:

  • ATB - All Time Banking with Human Support: bank and human support 24X7.
  • Financial Insight: make informed spending decisions by gaining insights into user's expenses.
  • Access to Funds: fuel money growth with funds for upskilling and unexpected needs.
  • Smart Investment: initiate a savvy investment journey for a financially secure future.

Our differentiator:

They offer several services in one place:

  • 100% digital bank account with KYC online
  • 0 maintenance fee
  • possibility to pay bills
  • possibility to split the bills
  • borrow money for personal use
  • single educational loan application platform
  • investment platform All of the above just meant for verified students

Our biggest achievement:

  • Opened 10,800 accounts so far, 40% engaged at < $1 CAC
  • Cracked partnerships with 3 upskill institute that gives us a reach of more than 100k students
  • Built the complete platform for less than $1.3M of total expense