Increasing Clean Energy Access through the use of data science and AI.

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Desire Masunda

Co-Founder and Operations Lead

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Leroy Nyangani

Co-Founder and Team Lead

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Daleroy Sibanda

Technology Lead

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    About NeedEnergy

    The problem we're solving:

    1. Energy Developers and Engineers do not fully utilize load & consumption data especially in developing regions in aiding their solar PV and Battery Storage designs in turn missing the opportunity in asset optimization.

    2. With the intermittent nature of renewables effectively anticipating demand and efficiently meeting it, still represents a huge headache in the renewable energy industry for energy providers and traders.

    3. Beyond excel sheets Energy investors still lack strong insights on how future energy demands and markets, weather variables and the climate will affect their investments.

    Our solution:

    An AI-driven energy data analytics engine that uses Load & Consumption data, weather models from the best weather supercomputer known to man-kind and energy trading market intelligence to train models that bring insights like real-time day ahead price predictions, energy demand, and energy forecasts for energy developers, providers, and investors.

    Our differentiator:

    Instead of relying on once-off consultants, NeedEnergy provide data analytics tools from design to Operation and maintenance of renewable energy assets.

    NeedEnergy intends to create a network effect that will significantly improve accuracies in prediction as remedies and insights could be adopted from other assets making scalability manageable. Furthermore, they leverage the supercomputing power of IBM Graf when it comes to training their Machine learning Algorithms with weather models, their Models can bring insights to the most complex scenarios through the use of the most powerful NVIDIA Cloud GPUs.

    Their team combines solid experience in software and product development, NeedEnergy has a rich ecosystem of visiting Engineers and researchers from Stanford, MIT, and NVIDIA through Daleroy's Network.

    Our biggest achievement:

    1. Presented their first white paper on day-ahead price prediction for the Southern African Power Pool at NeurIPS 2019

    2. Invited to present their findings and innovation at Future Energy Week Formally Davos Energy Week

    3. Aided Puma Future Energy Engineers in designing a rooftop solar PV solution in Zimbabwe in the process saving them 30 % in Capex spend while optimizing the size of their solar PV Asset with their Analytics tools

    4. Deployed their first short term energy demand and generation forecasting model which is currently bringing insights for Puma Future Energy

    5. Deployed their first long term energy generation model and sizing tool

    6. Developed the first-ever Energy Benchmark tool for Africa

    7. They are in the process of undertaking pilots with leading Energy-as-a-Service companies like Distributed Power Africa to help them manage their fleet of microgrids in remote areas in Africa, Renewable Energy Developers like Centragrid with a 25MW utility-scale solar farm, and currently developing a wind farm analytics aided by us under their portfolio.