Natural Trace

Natural Trace

An invisible tamper-proof, food-grade, bio-barcode for agri-food supply chain traceability where and when you need it.

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Singapore, Singapore
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CL Goh

CEO & Co-Founder

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Dr. Chantal Roth


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Prof. Lukas Mueller


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Alrik Tan

Research & Product Development

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Kirsty Hall

Business Developer

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About Natural Trace

The problem we're solving:

Food safety experts estimated the impact of fraud on the food industry to be in excess of USD 50 billion annually. Food fraud can occur anywhere in the food supply chain, from the seed supply to food packaging. Almost 70% of extra virgin olive oil is said to be adulterated to some extent and food types where food fraud has been widespread are in seafood, honey, oils, spices, meat and coffee. And there are many examples where labels on the packaging and content are not the same.

Our solution:

Natural Trace solves this by creating Natural Tag, a naturally harvested food ingredient which serves as a unique identifier based on DNA identification. Natural Trace's technology adds a permanent watermark that is food grade, does not compromise the sensory quality, and is invisible. Billions of unique tags enable you to trace the origin or any vulnerable points in your supply chain in individual batches from farm to fork.

Our differentiator:

Natural Trace's Natural Tags are DNA-based unique identifier, safe-to-eat, tasteless and invisible. Compared with existing technology, this technology is a food-grade ingredient, applied in minute parts-per-million quantity and can be added to the product without affecting the taste or texture. This gives a tamper-proof solution that could potentially solve the traceability issues and protect the brand reputation as well as the product integrity at the same time. GRAS status expected in Q3 2023.

Our biggest achievement:

Natural Trace managed to secure significant pre-seed funding from family and friends supporters allowing them to hire their key staff and establishing their presence in a world renowned laboratory site in Singapore.

Successful filing of Natural Trace's 1st patent and basic proof of their concept.